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Classy coffee & cozy people

Bow Truss is a collective of veteran coffee professionals, coming together for the first time to create our ideal roasting company. Our coffees are curated and roasted in our roasting house in Lakeview, Chicago.

Who we are

Bow Truss is an independent coffee roaster based in Chicago, IL. We bring together world-class roasters and coffee professionals to make specialty coffee more approachable. The space at 2934 Broadway is our first roasting facility to primarily supply local restaurants and coffee shops. Our cozy coffee bar located in the front of the space, is welcoming to residents in the community who are interested in learning about our coffee offering, roasting process, and brewing methods.

Classy Coffee
Cozy People

We’re small enough to

Roast on Demand. We roast to order, ensuring that our beans are always as fresh as humanly possible.

Be Picky About Purchases. Needing large quantities of coffee often means compromising quality. Simply put, the best beans usually come from the smallest crops. Because we don’t need 10,000lbs for our espresso, we don’t need ‘filler’ beans to meet our orders.

Know Our Customers By Name. We’re all in this together. Customers will often find our roasters, trainers, and even owners visiting the bar. Our reputation is everything to us, and we understand that retail relationships are the key to maintaining it.

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

2934 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

Mon-Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 8am-6pm

Bow Truss River North

406 N Wells
Chicago, IL 60654

M‑F 7am‑6pm, Sat 9am‑4pm (closed Sun)

Bow Truss Pilsen

1641 West 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Mon-Sun 7am-7pm

Coming Soon:

Logan Square

the Loop

We’re big enough to

Buy the Best Beans Out There. In addition to our relationship with marquee importer Café Imports, we’re in the process of establishing several Direct Trade relationships in countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Meet the Highest Service Standards. Our staff has trained the best cafes and restaurants in the United States. We strive to pair that standard of excellence with an approachability rarely found in specialty coffee. You won’t find coffee snobs behind our bar.

Keep Things Moving. Our bars are minimal and our staff is well-trained. This means we’re largely self-sufficient. No waiting on broken espresso machines or third-party maintenance men.

We source beans that matter

Of all the challenges in starting a coffee roastery, the most difficult (but enjoyable) is selecting a coffee lineup. It’s not simply a matter of choosing ‘good’ coffees. It is important for us to have a diverse, unique lineup that can please a variety of tastes without compromising the distinct flavors of a single offering.

We spend a great deal of care and time in selecting new coffees to add, and enjoy working with small estates, and directly with farmers to bring you incredible offering.

Interested in carrying our coffees in your shop? Please contact phil@bowtruss.com.
Visit our online store for our current offering.

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